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Alaskan Naari, CGC

Scout-  a comedian in so many ways

Whelped June 21, 1999

Deceased July 14,2009

Photo taken June of 2009

Scout- what can I say about our first Boxer? He was ALL Boxer in his mannerisms, even if he wasn't perfect conformationally. He was the most brilliant dog I ever came across. He knew his toys by description and would spend what seemed to be hours looking for a specific toy that he was tasked to find (he was immensely needy as a youngster- always wanting more attention then any human could possibly give), so he was given jobs of finding toys that we would hide around the house. He would search, and then come back to me - pleading me to help him find his "misplaced" toy. I would direct him to the bedroom or some such location, and off he would trot, determined to find that toy. He always would find it. I thought he was beautiful as a puppy - don't we always!? He had a beautiful black mask, dark eyes, and beautiful red coat to his credit. Even as we said goodbye, there was barely a hint of gray in his muzzle. Scout was too smart for conformation, and he was really too smart for obedience. He learned quickly that all he needed was 3 qualifying scores in obedience to get his Companion Dog title - so, Scout refused to "play" my game. He went on to garner 2 AKC legs, with a High in Trial Boxer, and 2 CKC legs - he wouldn't, or couldn't - in his eyes, allow me a moment of peace or happiness and get the final legs - for either registry. He taught me so much - in and out of the ring. He showed me that there are certainly more then one way to teach a dog how to do something- and he always made me laugh.

The laughter stopped when Scout began showing signs of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) in2009. For many months we tried to ignore the signs - and when it got too much, we chose to say goodbye to our friend, shortly after his 10th birthday. We took him to the University of Missouri at Columbia and had Dr Joan Coates do the honors of saying goodbye and then taking the important spine and brain of our boy into the research program that the school is doing. Hopefully, with Scout's help, they can find a cure to DM or perhaps a treatment plan. The donation to the school is also benefiting man as well. Lou Gehrig's (ALS) is very similar to DM - so the samples and research will be shared to better mankind and the canine world.

It was a hard decision - but the best one I have ever made.

Rest easy Scoutie Dog- run free, run proud - and we will find you on the other side.





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