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As a Breeder and a person that deeply believes in the health of our dogs, I have offered to rent my personal Holter to individuals that are looking to diagnose heart problems, or are doing the suggested tests for a potential breeding in the future.   

If you are interested in using the FarMore Boxers Holter, please email me (farmorek9@yahoo.com) for information regarding available rental dates. I generally respond back via email within 48 hours, if you don't hear from me, please try again - sometimes emails make into the spam folder. When emailing, please include the dates that you would like to use the Holter as well as the number of kits that you will need. Rentals are for 8 days, which will allow up to 3 dogs to be tested, 4 f you are well prepared. I use Alba Medical services and have been very happy with the turnaround time, customer services, and quality of the product.  To help with the testing process, I do include detailed instructions for setting up the Holter, and placement of the electrode pads and proper hook up of the leads.  I offer DIGITAL holters and a Holter Vest with every rental. This vest will typically only fit Boxer sized dogs and intended to protect the leads and Holter monitor while the dog is monitored for the required 24 hour test. 

If we have all ready scheduled two rentals for a particular month, I will be happy to put you on a waiting list.  As is customary with any reservation, they are subject to being cancelled or delayed, by no fault of my own.  I will endeavor to accommodate everyone that requests the Holter including emergencies.

Dr Daniela Rosenstreich of APEX BOXERS has graciously allowed me to link to her site, an alternate way to hook up the Holter.  A way that can make it easier for our show dogs to not be ostracized in the ring for their shaved marks or odd circular hair disturbances. I hope that you find it useful. Please check it out here.

We have a great video put together by one of my puppy owners- they were TOTAL novice at putting on the holter. The instructions I provide are fairly thorough and should help anyone attach the holter without the assistance of veterinarian.


Need to Rent my Holter?  Follow our easy steps!
1- fill out the contract- you MUST sign it  

(Holter rental contract)

2-scan and email back to me @ farmorek9@yahoo.com

3- I will send you a PayPal invoice

For clarity - Holter rentals for medical reasoning are given priority over those looking for testing for breeding.
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Testimonials from some of my satisfied clients - thanks so much! - Amber

"Amber and FarMore Boxers’ Holter rental is terrific! She ships on time and the instructions for use are easy to follow, even for someone like me, who had never holtered a dog before.  And the fleece jacket! The colors brighten everything and the comments by other people are always wonderful to hear—no one feels sorry for a dog in a colorful fleece.  It’s also easy to put on the dog and comfortable for the dog to wear. All in all, Amber made renting, using and getting the Holter results a straightforward activity.  I’m actually looking forward to holtering my dog again next year. "

 Katie J—Santa Fe, NM


"I would like to thank you for being so helpful when my dog decided that the wires were evil. Also the instruction were very easy to follow for a first timer. If I need to rent the monitor again I will definitely call you. I will refer people to you willingly. Everything about my experience was also very prompt."
Thank you
Lacy T - Hortense, GA

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